Thursday, September 20, 2007

Life in Uruguay

Well, since Golden Lotus and I have moved through the one year in Uruguay mark, we had a chance for some reflection.

When we first moved to Montevideo without knowing anyone, or having every been to South America it was a pretty big leap. When Golden Lotus started questioning the move a few weeks before we left, I simply said, "hey, we'll go down, check it out...if we like it we'll stay....if we don't we'll leave."

That seemed to work. We arrived on the 12th of August and that August was *relatively* mild weather-wise and after about a month and half it had started to warm up. After this last winter, barring some unforeseen event we will NOT spend another winter in Uruguay.

Leave Uruguay (gasp!)

Well, the weather is only one part of the equation. Uruguay has a TON going for it, however after being here for a year+ it is lacking some things that we'd like to have around in the next few years too.

Now, before you hard-core lifers say, "well, duh" remember that 2/3 rds of my 3 person readership has never been to Uruguay.

It's choices for food are really limiting
Its cultural diversity is very limiting
It's professional opportunities are very limiting
The attitude of the people is not very open to foreign ideas or concepts
It's a little boring
(Golden Lotus entry) "the men are perverted" :)
(Golden Lotus entry) "no one knows how to cut non-mullet haircuts"

So, while a portion of our time may very well be spent in Uruguay, it will likely be that portion when a much larger percentage of the population is from somewhere else --- the summer! Our lease is expiring at the end of May with an option to extend for another six months. As of now, we do not intend on extending that lease.

Where to next, fuBarrio?

Well, that has yet to be decided. I'm goin to log off now and discuss it with Golden Lotus before she falls asleep.



Anonymous said...

I lol when I read the comment about the mullet true. It's hilarious.
I am adding a couple of more things that I don't like abour UY.
1. The women stare at you up and down. They don't even try to conceal it. From the tips of your shoes to the top of your head. Ugghghg, get's on my last nerve.
2. Customer service SUCKS! Especially the wait staff.
3. I don't understand why at every get-together, men are on one side and women on the other. There is hardly any social interaction between the two at social events.
4. And I think it's hilarious that there is this constant reminder of how European they are. Why do they do that?

Urufish said...

Maybe the Mullet's (called Hockey cut where I come from), popularity in Uruguay comes from Spain, where it's considered modern..

fuBarrio said...

not too suprisingly, the mullet is aka the "canadian passport" where *I'm* from :) closely related to the "hockey cut" slang i'm sure.