Thursday, August 02, 2007

GLQ.TO (again)

Just a quick note this a.m.

It's an hour before the market opens and one of the promoters of this stock recommended his clients back away from GLQ.TO last night (along with a whole host of other base metal plays based on the call of an immenent pullback in base metals).

I don't think anyone was speculating with me, but in case you were and haven't already closed out your position, I thought you might want me to tell you this.

It closed at $3.82 CAN last night. His recommendation to sell base metals could cause a minature rush to the exits this a.m. So if you're selling, as I like to say, "if you're going to panic, panic early."

Go cool.



Anonymous said...

Hi Fubarrio,
You can list me as your fourth reader :). I have read all your entries, from the beginning to today (browsed actually the part about metal stocks, I do not have a clue there). I do like your sense of humor, a lot.
I am interested in Montevideo. I am aware of the other blogs about Uruguay, great info and smart people.
My main reason is to get away from coolness (as in unfriendly, not cool) of people in the USA. I am a professional with no climbing ambitions (not that I am not eager for fame and wealth, I just realized I do not have the stomach and skill to go through the motions of "getting ahead" in the world of plastic men).
Anyway I am looking for a place where, either they like you or not, people acknowledge that you exist. And the issue of money is always a concern, so, anyway, I have some questions. From all the blogs I understood that you have to come into Uruguay as a tourist and then start the "cedula" activities to become a resident. But then is all the discussion about shipping your goods, taxes, etc. So, the question is: "You have to be damn sure when you come as a tourist and you have to clear your business here in the USA, as of no return status, then go there to Montevideo and start the process of cedula, as if it is a sure thing, absolutely you will be approved. Even rent or buy real estate (if you have the means). It all looks so provisory to me and a bit scarry. How did you do it?"

PS Your recent description of the types of expats is concerning, but I already assumed that I will make friends that are having similar means of living to mine. I do not expect to socialize with the rich ones. But I hope to be friends with some people. I am normal, and by normal I mean if you invite some people from work Thursday to come to dinner Saturday, they should not respond "Maybe some other time because this Saturday we have company". My normal thing will be: "Why don't you come to us..." Never happens.
I cannot believe I placed my invitation for the exact Saturday when they are receiving their Mafia pals :)

fuBarrio said...


Thanks for the kind comments and reading all the nonsense. Hopefully, there was enough about MVD to give you some idea what it is like.

To answer your question: I think you are doing it. Do all the research you can...get all the ducks in a row that you can....then do some more research...

But then, at some point, you just gotta grab your "sack" and jump in (and hope for the best).

Being an entrepreneur...or at least someone who has had to take rather large financial (and time/lifestyle) gambles in the past, this wasn't a monster leap for me.

But, also, when i moved I'd never even been to south america and there was VERY little information available online.

I signed up for a "latin america insider" subscription with One of their correspondents did a writeup on Uruguay and it fit what I was looking for (from the writeup).

I got a short term furnished rental when I got here....and decided I'd ride with a renewable tourist visa until i determined if i was going to stay for good....even visiting isn't goin to tell you for sure if you'd want to LIVE someplace (although it could probably eliminate some poor "fits" for some people).

In summary....bring as much money, as few things, and as much patience as you can muster and try it out for a spell....

if you want to send me a personal email to ask more specific questions feel's "info at fubarrio dot com"